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Founded by one of the country’s first female physicians, we’ve been caring for women for nearly 100 years.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Program

Welcome to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Program at Florida Hospital

It is our goal to deliver the highest level of care to patients referred for maternal or fetal complications, diagnosis, or screening in pregnancy.  We combine the seasoned skills of Dr. Rachel G. Humphrey and her staff with the most advanced imaging technology to provide a warm, comforting and family-friendly environment in the heart of Winter Park, Florida.  We work closely with a wide base of Obstetricians in Central Florida to meet the high risk pregnancy needs of our community.  While Dr. Rachel G. Humphrey does not currently deliver babies, she works closely with the patient’s Obstetrician to develop a plan for the pregnancy and delivery that will optimize the patient’s and baby’s health.  When problems are encountered in pregnancy, we offer a full range of screening and diagnostic testing.  We work in conjunction with the highly skilled pediatric specialists at the newly built Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children which provides cutting edge care to the tiniest of patients.

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