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Before Your Hospital Stay

Ready to Stay With Us?

Download and complete your personal birth plan prior to your hospital stay with us.

 Download our Mommy Manual.

    Quick Checklist of Things to Do

  • Attend Early Pregnancy class prior to 20 weeks of pregnancy
  • Write down questions you have for each OB office visit
  • Review your insurance company's maternity policy
  • Consider prenatal exercise class or yoga
  • Consider massage for mommies
  • Register for Prenatal Education class by 24 weeks of pregnancy
    • Childbirth Education class
    • Baby Care class
    • Breastfeeding class
    • Anesthesia class
    • Grand-parenting class
    • CPR class
    • Sibling class
    • Happiest baby class
  • Tour the hospital (included in the classes / or call (407) 303-1518)
  • Make a trial run to the hospital (map included)
  • Pre-admit to the hospital by your seventh month
  • Choose your baby's doctor (Pediatrician) before the baby's birth (Please choose a pediatrician that comes to the hospital where you will deliver your baby
  • Consider Cord Blood Banking (review websites and discuss with your OB doctor)
  • Pack your suitcase/Lamaze bag by the eighth month
  • Purchase your car seat and have it checked for proper installation
  • Purchase all your "baby gear" by your eighth month
  • Arrange for additional help for after the birth
  • Prepare siblings for the new baby (classes are available)
  • Consider family pet's adjustment to the baby's arrival


Pack Your Suitcase/Lamaze Bag By Your Eighth Month

Start preparing for your hospital stay by packing your bags.

The hospital does provide the following: 

Personal items (sanitary pads and mesh panties), hospital gown and any medications you need. 

Diapers, wipes, blankets, t-shirts and hats

    You may want to pack:

  • Your own gown, robe and slippers
  • Nursing bras
  • Toilet articles
  • Hair care products
  • Cosmetics
  • A going home outfit for mom (early pregnancy size) and a going home outfit and blanket for baby.

Note: You are welcome to bring your own baby clothes to use during your hospital stay. You can also bring “dress up” clothes for the baby picture.

Pack a separate bag for the items you will need for your labor and delivery experience.

    For example:

  • A birthing ball
  • Lotions
  • Massage tools
  • Relaxing music, etc.

This information will be provided in your childbirth classes.

A Reminder

Birth Steps Booklet
Most parents have many questions about bonding, baby care, self care and breastfeeding. We’ve designed this booklet to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Purchase Your Car Seat and Have It Inspected For Proper Installation
Every state requires that infants and children ride buckled up. It is your responsibility to know the proper installation of your baby’s car seat. Take time now to install your car seat and practice installing and adjusting.

We recommend getting your car seat installation inspected. You can call the Orange County Sheriff’s office at (407) 521-4675 ext. 109 or Life Safety Education Bureau at (407) 836-9886.

You can also visit the National Highway and Traffic Safety website at for more information. The law states that all infants must ride rear-facing until one year and 20 pounds. Some babies need to be tested at the hospital in their car seat.

Arrange For Additional Help After The Birth

Adjusting to your new life with baby can be challenging. The first two weeks are the hardest and we recommend having help during this time with cooking, cleaning and helping with the baby.

This can help make for a smoother transition to parenthood.

Prepare Siblings For The New Baby
You probably began preparing your other children for the new baby as soon as you found out you were pregnant. Reading books and going to the Sibling Class are great ways to continue in these efforts. It is important to give children realistic views of the newborn. Expect some regression in young children (they may behave as they did at a younger age). A small gift from the baby to the sibling or a birthday cake to welcome the new addition is always fun.

Consider the family pet’s adjustment to the baby’s arrival

For many couples, their pet is their “first baby” and they are concerned about how the pet will adapt to the new baby. Begin to prepare your pet for the baby during the last weeks of pregnancy.

Allow your pet to investigate the nursery and sniff new scents (i.e. lotions). After the baby is born, bring a personal blanket, wrap the baby in it, and then have someone bring it home for your pet to smell. Once you arrive home with the new baby, do not leave your pet alone with the baby until your pet is used to the baby. Most pets will learn to love the new addition.

Pre-Admit to the Hospital by Your Seventh Month 

Register Online
If you’ve decided to have your baby at The Baby Place, you can preregister online using our secure registration form. Since paperwork will be the last thing on your mind on your blessed day, this will save you time and let you focus on the task at hand… delivering a healthy son or daughter.

Register In Person

You can also preregister in person at Florida Hospital Orlando 7 days a week from 7am – 7pm at the Admitting desk in the main hospital lobby or at one of our other delivery hospitals, Altamonte, Winter Park, and Celebration Health Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm in the Admitting office. You will need to bring your insurance card and a valid photo ID.

For more information call 407-303-4HER