Surgeries that are performed through an incision size smaller than a dime.

Infertility Treatment

If you’re having trouble conceiving, you’re not alone. Roughly one out of every six couples have fertility problems, whether they’re caused by ovulation disorders, sexually transmitted infections, endometriosis, genetic conditions, alcohol, tobacco or drug use, low sperm count, obesity or aging.

In most cases the causes of infertility fall into four broad categories:

  • A failure to produce viable eggs or sperm.
  • The inability to get the healthy sperm and egg into close enough proximity to cause fertilization.
  • The failure of the fertilized egg to attach to the uterine lining successfully.
  • The inability to carry the baby to term.

In 40% of all cases male issues are to blame for the infertility. Tubal obstructions account for 25% of all cased, followed by ovarian dysfunction (20%), cervical issues (5%) and abnormalities of the uterus (1%). The remaining cases of infertility have no known cause. If you’re under 30 and haven’t been able to conceive after a year of trying, you should probably see a doctor to have a full infertility evaluation performed. This goes for the female and the male, as roughly half of all cases are caused by fertility problems in men. If you’re in your 30s and haven’t been able to get pregnant after six months, you may want to see your doctor because your chances of having a baby decreases significantly every year after the age of 30.

Regardless of your age, you will want to speak with your doctor before trying to conceive. They can help you prepare for your pregnancy, make sure you’re in optimal health and answer your questions regarding fertility and conception.

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