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The Importance of Regular Breast Exams In the battle against breast cancer, you need a combination of personal physician care, regular mammography screening and breast self-evaluations to identify abnormalities early. A good relationship with your primary care physician will help you identify health problems and factor in your family history of cancer, specifically breast cancer. Mammograms can identify lumps and tumors when they’re in their earliest stages of development. In between screenings, self-breast exams can help you find any noticeable changes that could require further examination.

Mammogram Screening Is Essential
The earlier an abnormal lump or tumor is detected, the higher the survival rate. This is particularly true for women who have breasts where the density of the tissue makes a self-exam difficult and there has been a history of breast cancer in the family. Though mammograms are still a bit uncomfortable, our caring team tries to make the process as stress free and pain free as possible.

Trust Florida Hospital to Provide You With Expert Care
Florida Hospital is extremely proactive in the screening, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. We combat the disease on multiple fronts, including the latest protocols and technologies, backed by a team of cancer experts, from diagnostic specialists to surgeons. Our Breast Care Program provides you with the quality care you need so you can make informed choices about your treatment. We follow-up our care with counseling and support groups to help you in your recovery and return to a normal life.

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